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C – King of Swords

Expect to be wowed by your own genius over the next few weeks! All those ideas you’ve had through the last few months will finally come to fruition and your well made plans a success. Time to pat yourself on your back… well, let’s be honest, no one else will. Funny how jealous some people can be. This is a time to realise who your real friends are, and to pay their loyalty back in any way which you see fit. Keep an eye open for those trying to steal your thunder and claim things as their own though. The trouble with being amazing is you shine too brightly sometimes. 

There are wonderful changes afoot, all of your own creation, so be prepared to stick to your guns as there is still some hard work involved to get to the place you want to be. This is a great time to start writing about how you’ve reached this point in your life and look into how, and why, you are who you are. Perhaps consider some past life regression which may answer that question especially if you chose the King of Swords at Samhain!