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B – Four of Swords

The last few months have taken their toll a bit on you, but oh my word, you really stepped up to the mark and survived all that has been thrown at you! However, it’s time for a break and a well earned rest, more mentally rather than physically, but you must remember that it is ok to step back from the fray – if only for a short while and let others take on some of the workload. I feel this is particularly relevant in your home life where you have had to deal with so much - it’s all very well being a super hero – but even hero’s have to rest and recharge. 

This is a perfect time for some ‘me time’ so give yourself time to meditate, even if only 10 minutes a day. This will calm your thought process, so buy yourself a journal to write down all your thoughts and ideas that will be re-energised by clearing out the clutter of your mind. Once refreshed you can then deal with the rest of the clutter in your life !