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A – Prince of Swords

Over the next six weeks you are in prime position to take a stand against those who have been holding back your dreams. Not because they do not believe in you, but because they do not believe themselves and are passing on their fear to you. However, take a good look at this card, and see how many butterflies you can count! There will be a metamorphosis within your thinking – rather like an awakening. 

This is a time for you accept there is more to experience, and the time is right to gallop forward into your next adventure. Be aware that you do not move too fast or you will not only be unprepared but are likely to lose the support of those who secretly admire you. You’re going to surprise a few people so whilst you have some very grand ideas do not ride rough-shod over them. Time to discover new acquaintances who are on the same wavelength as you, but keep your individuality… you will be surprised where it will lead you!