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Available via:

  • Full Day Private 1-2-1 Tuition 
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Full Day Group Workshops

This is an ideal start to those with little or no knowledge, of the workings of Tarot.

I will introduce you to the colourful mysteries of the world of Tarot. Perhaps you have a deck at home and don’t know where to start? Or you would simply love an insight into reading the secrets of ‘the cards’. Whatever your reason, I will open your eyes to the ancient skill of using this amazing, and often misunderstood, spiritual tool.

In this Beginners section we will delve into everything you need to start your Tarot journey with confidence:

  • Brief History, including the Witchcraft Act
  • The Rider Waite Deck
  • How to choose the best Tarot deck for you
  • Buying a deck from a store
  • Purchasing on-line
  • Cleansing your new or second-hand deck
  • Storing your deck
  • Infusing your energy into the cards
  • Overview of the cards
  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana
  • Elements
  • Learning your personal significance of each card
  • Basic Symbolism
  • Preparing for your readings
  • Layouts

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