C – The Emperor

I see a little bit of Wolverine in this card – so imagine all that power (without the claws LOL), but utilised for the protection and advancement of all he surveys in a calm and disciplined manner. However, looking at that sextant lying by his feet in the water, shows that even when in charge, there can still be an element of love and compassion to assist in finding the most suitable direction. Unusually for an Emperor card, the symbolism indicates a great deal of balance and over the next couple of months you will gain, not just confidence and authority but security as well. Of course, security can take many guises, but rather like his stance, you will find that you draw the right people towards you and block any that do not walk the same path as you. You will finally trust your instincts to say no whilst drawing support and upliftment from others. There’s been a few bad choices in your reliance on people who have sadly let you down. However, all this has done is fired up your resolve not to make the same mistake, and you can finally direct your full concentration on rebuilding your life … where you make the decisions and take pride in the final outcome.