B – Ace of Wands

Wow – can you feel the heat from this card! So perfect for the Summer Solstice. My word, you are on the up in all areas of your life. New beginnings abound – and about time too. The darkness of recent events are still being felt, but see how the wand is lifting away from it. Don’t go crazy though. Fire can get out of control. Watch out for feelings of passion (wey hey) that you’ve not experienced for a long time... or, in some cases… ever! Time to develop your own vision, and Litha, with all the abundance it brings, is the perfect time to start. You will be feeling at one with yourself, and your confidence will sour as you realise you are capable of great things. The question is… why have you waited so long? You’ve not missed the boat, it just wasn’t the right time before. If you are single you may find yourself drawn to an older partner, who can guide you in the right direction (see if you can see the symbolic link between this card and card ‘C’?) there’s also a creative force around you – enlarge the picture to see the two sperm swimming across the centre… fertile brain and fertile body!