A – The Chariot

It’s always nice to have choices in life, but often decisions are difficult to make and sometimes speed is of the essence. Look out for some amazing opportunities coming your way over the next couple of months – but you will need to work with both your heart AND your head to get the best results and to make the best decision. That doesn’t come easy to you does it, as one tends to rule the other in your life! You will be moving on from past disappointments and heartbreak (note the three arrows in the Komodo dragon’s leg) and as you pass over the flower of life it reminds you that all things are created from one blueprint so utilise your past experiences (good and bad) to help you make your next move forward. This is your time to take advantage of your inner strength – particularly career or business wise. Don’t let other people dictate your journey as it’s up to you to take up the reins and control your arrival. Incidentally, those of you dealing with the fashion or design world in some way may find yourselves with a bigger project than you anticipated!