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C – Temperance

Slow down. You don’t have to be at the beck and call of everyone around you. It’s time to think about yourself and take control of that fire in your heart and mind. There is so much creativity within you that you will be wanting to do everything at once. Take your time. Balance out and prioritise your commitments, that way you’ll get through all the lovely things you want to do – and do them well. Over the next few weeks you will feel brighter in yourself, both physically and mentally, and the realisation that you are not superhuman. What you actually are is a a ‘super’ human, willing to help others in need, at the detriment to yourself. Remember, as I’ve mentioned many times before, you cannot pour from an empty cup. The purity of this card symbolises your desire to always do what you feel is right. This is a wonderful ability, just learn to include your own needs in that bigger picture. With this balance you will find you have an even great ability to reach out to the spiritual realms, take your time, as this is a period of spiritual transformation, and you will need to get the mix just right. On a separate note, keep special control of your diet, remember the saying – you are what you eat, so perhaps a little detox for a few days may perk you up..