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B – King of Swords

Knowledge is power and over the next few weeks you will realise there is more you want to learn, but also a desire to pass it on to others. Start searching for learning programs that can build on the knowledge you already have, and stand up for the right to do so. Why do I say that? Because there will be people who may criticise you for finally taking control of your life’s desires and your choices may be called into question. Once you ensure you are protected from the negativity around you - you will be able to remove the hood from that falcon on the King's arm and fly! Remember integrity is the main stay of everything you do. At the moment you’re a bit stagnated,. Yes, you are in control of your life, but you would benefit with a little bit of movement. You don’t always have to hold your own and feel that you are ready for battle at all times. Watch out for headaches brought on by stress and stop gritting your teeth! If you give yourself time to relax you will notice the benefits and be at your optimum level to pursue the heights to which you are able to soar.