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A one to one reading is a fabulous way to receive guidance and answers to those questions or doubts that you have on your mind. 

My readings are professional yet informal as often a client is nervous, especially if it is their first ever tarot reading. I explain the layouts and the meanings of the cards and gently work through the reading so that my clients receive the full benefit the messages the cards bring.

Various options ....

  • Readings at Events
  • 1-2-1 Readings in Person
  • 1-2-1 Private Readings via Zoom
  • Free Readings
  • Armed Forces Charity Readings

Readings at Events

Due to tuition commitments the only event I regularly attend is The Wytches Market in Glastonbury which happens four times a year so do take a look at my Events page to check. These readings last 30 minutes and are perfect for quick questions or just a 'general'; reading to see what you should be looking at within your life at this time. I get booked up very quickly so it is always wise to contact me beforehand to book your place.

  • Price - £25.00

... keep an eye open to see if I am visiting other events as sometimes I manage to squeeze in a further one or two!

Private Readings in Honiton

As I work intuitively I can help with what are often sensitive issues that arise from your own questions or a general reading. If there are tears I am always ready with the tissues, but more likely there is laughter and a feeling of release and relief and that 'light bulb' moment when everything becomes clear.

Ideal for people who have specific questions that they would like answering, whether it's regarding business or career advice, relationships, or simply what direction they are heading. 

Due to commitments with workshops and private tuition, private one to one readings get booked up quite a way in advance.and invariably take place on a Saturday in Honiton. If you are interested in a reading then please contact me and we can discuss possible dates. However, if you require a reading urgently, and I haven't an early date free I can happily recommend some other fabulous readers who may be able to help.

  • 45 mins       £35.00

Readings via Zoom

As with the personal 1-2-1 readings, the benefit of a reading via Zoom is that you can do it from the comfort of your own own, so it doesn't matter where you are!

All you need is an email address and a free Zoom account.

  • 45 mins      £35.00

Free Mini Readings

I periodically surprise you with free readings via this website and my Facebook and Instagram pages, invariably around the dates based on the Pagan 'Wheel of the Year' and simetimes around the  Full Moon. 'Like' my pages so that you don't miss out on the readings, offers, events and uplifting messages or CLICK HERE for the most recent reading.

Visit me at:

Armed Forces Fund Raising

My late father was in the army for most of his life. I myself was born in a military hospital in Germany. My father was eventually invalided out of the army due to severe health problems which stemmed from being a POW in WWII. I therefore appreciate all the hard work charities carry out for the Armed Forces.

If you are fundraising for any charity that will benefit the Armed Forces in any way please be aware that if I can easily get to the venue I do not take any fee. This means that all takings go direct to the military charity involved. 

All I ask is that you supply me with cups of coffee and perhaps a slice of cake!

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the many possibilities for charity fund raising for the Armed Forces.

Price is determined by the organisors and payable to them - however MY personal fee is as mentioned above ...a cuppa and a slice of cake!