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A – Page of Emotions (Cups)

The Muse Tarot

When it comes to relationships you still have a bit to learn, but slowly you’re getting to grips with the wonder of it all. Over the next few weeks, you will notice a distinct spring in your step, as if someone has turned a key unlocking your potential. You will suddenly realise you have gifts previously hidden away but are now ready to come to the surface and shine brightly in the eyes of others. 

You will discover a youthful confidence within, that can open your heart to everyone. However, whilst you may feel it is your time, treat each encounter with a little degree of thoughtfulness as being too open can attract the good, the bad and most definitely the ugly – methinks you’ve already experienced this, and you still haven’t necessarily learnt from it! So, keep some form of protection around you and you will be able to pick and choose who can come into your life. 

This isn’t just about 1-2-1 relationships – it’s about family, friends and your spirituality so also look out for some exciting news that’ll make you realise just how blessed you are.