C – Ten of Water (Cups) - Clover

Happy days ahead for you my friends, a turn in circumstances will allow you to appreciate all the struggles you have had up to now. To ‘live in clover’ means to enjoy a life of comfort. The spiritual aspect of the colours in this card also indicate that you will find peace within yourself. Perhaps you’ve finally recognised who you are and which direction you are going. Of course if doesn’t mean you should just accept things and hope they stay that way – you need to continue working at it to really appreciate the long term benefits. Homewise you will start to feel more confident in your circumstances, to the point where you may feel it is time to consider taking that next step for additions or changes to your life, be it moving, extending, having children, or even starting up a business from home. Even if you decide against it, relish the thought that you can if you want to, without too much worry. There is good fortune and abundance around you, feel that security and celebrate what it means to you. This is the perfect card for Mabon, with the appreciation of the harvest, and all you have attained over the last few months..