B – The Devil - Blackberry

Isn’t it strange what connotations The Devil card conjures up. Most people look at it as a negative card – but it shines with positive messages – but sometimes those messages are overshadowed with fear of the consequences, after all, better the devil you know. Over the next few weeks there will be some interesting developments in the areas of your life where you feel stifled but are a bit fearful in doing anything about it. The blackberry produces succulent berries that can sustain throughout the darker months. However, blackberries are protected by sharp thorns so only the bravest can enjoy that nourishment, just remember that many of those thorns can be facing inwards. The security of what you know, can actually hold you back, but sometimes leaving that security is worth the initial pain of getting past those thorns. Is this the time to take a stand and remove those shackles? Only YOU can make that decision. You have freedom of choice. Recognise that you have the strength and a universal given right to break free when you feel ready.