A – Seven of Water (Cups) - Birch

Time to stop letting the negatives of the past direct your choices for moving forward. Whilst things may seem to be at a bit of a standstill, you are about to find that you have more options than you originally thought. The problem with that is which of those options is the right one for you. Birch tells you that you are in the envious position to release those emotional toxins that are hindering your ability to create the life you truly wish to lead, particularly within the spiritual and relationship area of your life. Use your intuition to direct you, and once you fully open up that belief in yourself, my darlings – you will fly… just remember to keep at least one foot on the ground so you don’t get too carried away with the headiness of it all. Tread carefully with regard to changes to your relationships, what may look good on first appearances, may hide a secret that could have a knock on affect long term. Take it gently until you are 100% sure.