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C – Three of Wands – Foundation

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Oooh, I do like this card. Have you noticed the strawberries? Many cultures celebrate the summer solstice with picking and eating the first strawberries of the season. If you look at the symbolism of this card, there are plenty of ripe strawberries ready for picking, bit also strawberry flowers ready to morph into these fabulous summer fruits. That’s you. You are now in the position to enjoy what you have already planted in your life – with the anticipation of more delights to come over the next few weeks. 

The recent issues you have been dealing with are nearing the end, as shown in the rainbow in the distance. 

You can now start looking forward with hope, and the excitement of a golden summer and perhaps that pot of gold you’ve been seeking. No time to rest for you as you can expect a busy month as you continue to build on that foundation you have already created. There’s abundance embracing you and the pleasure of more happiness to come in all areas of your life. You are blessed!