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B – Page of Wands – Potential

The Sacred Circle Tarot

What immediately strikes me in this card are the dragonflies. They indicate that you’re now emerging from the darkness into the light. This is a time of transformation, possibly boosted by a message confirming the need and desire for change. You’ll finally start seeing clearly and the steps you take now will have long term benefits – not necessarily in the way you think! 

I feel you’re going to feel great within yourself – more energy and a lust for life… just don’t going using up all that oomph in one go as you’re likely to burn yourself out if your enthusiasm takes too much control. Time to manifest what it is you truly want, though you do have a tendency to change your mind, so think carefully before you put it out to the universe! 

This card has been entitled ‘potential’ and that is a perfect analogy of how you stand at the moment. However, it’s up to you to utilise that gift. Light that metaphorical fire and keep it burning! This is particularly relevant with the tradition of lighting fires at Litha – to welcome in a bountiful harvest later in the year!