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A – Ace of Wands – Creativity

The Sacred Circle Tarot

Wow, I love that fact that a stone circle likeness has been depicted on this card, perfect for the Summer Solstice. The title of Creativity sums up the next five or so weeks for you. 

A time of empowerment and joy, with a little bit of itchy feet to get moving! This is a great time to start that new project you’ve been considering, or even an update of your CV to improve your career prospects. Sometimes you have to trust your own vision, as the Ace is very much about you, your dreams, and the energy to make things happen. 

This is also a card of passion, so if you are single it’s a great time to get out and start a new relationship. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a long term romance, but what it will do is boost your confidence enabling you to move on. If you are already in a relationship – this is a great time to spice up your life… how you do it is up to you, just be creative and enjoy.