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C – Four of Swords

Anna K Tarot

Things have been creeping up upon you over the last few months, and my word you’ve tackled them head-on. However, there’s only so much you can do and now is the time for a break from all the hard work you’ve been shouldering. 

At first glance the artwork in this particular card looks like the figure in the bed is poorly, but do you see the medicine bottle by her side? This shows that her own well-being is close at hand, but only she can choose to take that metaphorical medicine or not. In other words, you know you’ve been over doing it recently, but if you stop and rest now, all those problems you’ve been dealing with will no longer have such a mental hold over you. You need to re-boot your ability to see clearly and the only way to do that is to step away… if only for a short while and allow yourself time to breathe. This is a very beneficial time to take a short break, perhaps to a retreat of some kind, or simply a cottage in the country where you can simply be still. 

You always give the impression of being a strong person but deep down you are in need a bit of TLC. Things will become clearer to you once you’ve temporarily stepped out of the situation and by Mabon in September you will be in a better position to reap all the rewards of your true worth.