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B – Ten of Cups

Anna K Tarot

Magic can happen in your life if you choose to let it, but sometimes you don’t always recognise that it’s already worked its way in to your life as it can be hidden within other things. These next few weeks you should look for the inner Goddess that is buried deep inside you (and that goes for you guys as well). 

Whilst we are celebrating the first harvest of the year you will have the opportunity to plant a new seed that, if nurtured properly and with a deep love for yourself, can blossom into something truly wonderful and magical. All those negative thoughts you have about the way you are… your looks, your personality, the way you attract others, so many things, have been holding you back but, something has awakened a desire to discover and appreciate your true self. Of course, how you go about it may introduce you to new ways of thinking, new ideas, even new acquaintances. 

This is a time to accept that you have the ability to build on what you already have in your life, to become serene in the knowledge that sometimes you just have to realise that, to the Universe, YOU are perfect. While the summer is still with us stand barefoot on the grass and just feel. Feel the sun, the breeze and your connection to the earth and all that is around you. Then, your future will become clear, and you will be able to commence your next amazing adventure with confidence and joy.