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A – Five of Pentacles

Anna K Tarot

There are many people who see this card and worry about it when it actually shows so much promise and strength. Yes, Fives are what I call wobble cards, but all that means is things can go either way… and rather like a child’s sew-saw, it’s up to you to push upwards to gain the higher ground. 

Over the next six weeks or so keep an eye on your finances along with any unexpected bills or unusual items showing on your bank statement and that includes any long-forgotten direct debits that are still going out. This is a really good time to source better deals to make your life easier – which could be anything from a cheaper credit card to an offer at your favourite restaurant! 

Whilst you may be worrying about things, that beautiful window indicates sanctuary so the answers to your issues are close by as long as you don't bury your head in the sand (or snow in this case). In this deck the main character is not only being comforted by someone, he is also protected by the cover above him. However, this doesn’t mean you can leave everything to someone else. That cover is filling with snow and at some point the weight will be too much for it to hold, so dealing with the problem as soon as you can will easily rectify things and propel you forward onto better things!