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Subjects Covered

Protection and Preparation

Cleansing – Protection – Grounding – Opening up – Why we should do it – The benefits, both spiritually and mentally – Practice sessions including visualisations, sound etc.

Sitting in the Power

Why we should regularly sit in the power – Recognising our own spirituality – Boosting our confidence and connecting to the Universe – Simple meditation session.

Working with Energies

Distinguishing our energies from that of Spirit – Raising our vibrations – Why Spirits need the right vibration from us – Reading energies from hidden pictures. Practice session.

The Four Main 'Clairs'

Clairvoyance – Clairsentience – Clairaudience –Claircognisance – How to utilise them – Descriptions and examples of each method. Visualisation session to highlight the best method for each student.

Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide - Their function – Gatekeepers – Trust – Meditation session to meet your Gatekeeper.

Connecting to the Spirit World

Recognising that Spirit is there – Obtaining good evidence – Passing on a message to the recipient – Practice session with others – Say what you see, hear, feel or know!

Working with Photographs

Connecting with the Spiritual energy of the person in the photograph – Describe their personality – Hidden strengths – Weaknesses – Memories – Practice session with others.

Discussion on  Mediumship Circles and Demonstrations 

Open circles – Closed circles – What to look out for at demonstrations – How all these can help a student gain experience.

Closing Down

Why we need to close-down – Different methods – Group closing-down session.


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