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DYIP - Part Three

Subjects Covered

• Flower sentience

What is flower sentience?

Methods of reading flowers



Flower heads

Representations of damage, opportunities, happiness and personality

Past, present and future readings

• Psychometry

The energy of psychometry

Who can do it?

Psychometry in everyday life

Methods of use

• Working with inkblots

Rawschach Cards


Ink blots and psychic work

• Automatic Writing

Description of automatic writing

Various options

How to conduct writing session

Different forms


Spiritual guidance

• Ribbon Reading


Items required

Creating a ribbon bag

Ribbon energy

Colour and texture

Practical ribbon reading

• Tasseomancy (reading with tea leaves)

What is tasseomancy


Best tea leaves to use

Specific teapots

Correct method of poring and tipping into the cup

Layouts and locations

Deciphering the symbolism

Traditional symbols

• Further exercises are provided in addition to the above practical sessions. These will enable you to experiment with your new found skills at your own pace and leisure.