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DYIP - Part One

Subjects Covered

• Psychic Cleansing

Why we need it

Practical applications

• Psychic Protection

When, why and how

Variations to suit your style

• Grounding

Reflections on usage

Personal options

• Closing down

Why it is necessary

Basic application to suit the individual

• Colours

Reference to the Physical World / Spiritual World



• Chakras

Explanation of each of the main chakras

Sensing your chakras

Chakra meditation

• Auras

Explanation of each aura level

Seeing your aura

Sensing your aura

Seeing/sensing the dominant aura colours

• Dowsing

How pendulums work

How to use a pendulum

Locating your chakras with a pendulum

Checking for physical problems

Searching for hidden/missing items

• Feather Readings

Discover your past in a surprising and fun way

• Further exercises are provided in addition to the above practical sessions. These will enable you to experiment with your new found skills at your own pace and leisure.