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DYIP - Part One

Subjects Covered

Psychic Cleansing

Why we need it

Practical applications

Psychic Protection

When, why and how

Variations to suit your style


Reflections on usage

Personal options

Closing down

Why it is necessary

Basic application to suit the individual


Reference to the Physical World / Spiritual World




Explanation of each of the main chakras

Sensing your chakras

Chakra meditation


Explanation of each aura level

Seeing your aura

Sensing your aura

Seeing/sensing the dominant aura colours


How pendulums work

How to use a pendulum

Locating your chakras with a pendulum

Checking for physical problems

Searching for hidden/missing items

Feather Readings

Discover your past in a surprising and fun way

• Further exercises are provided in addition to the above practical sessions. These will enable you to experiment with your new found skills at your own pace and leisure.