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Development Course - Parts One, Two and Three

Each Part is available via:

  • Full Day 1-2-1 Private Tuition 
  • Zoom Sessions
  • Full Day Group Workshops
  • Full Course Weekend Workshops (includes lunch)

We are all psychic in some way, some use that ability, some prefer to let it remain dormant until the moment comes when there is a yearning for knowledge to step onto that psychic path.

This Psychic Development Course 'Discover Your Inner Psychic©' is split into three bite-sized sections to gently introduce you to a diverse cross section of psychic and spiritual disciplines, and to open up your desire to learn more.

Some of the subjects will resonate with you, some will not, and that is the whole point... for you to discover which aspects you wish to expand on further in your own psychic and spiritual development.

Who knows where it may lead!

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DYIP - Part One

Starting with the most important basics, the sections within Part One, will introduce you to the subjects that will form the basis of most psychic and spiritual disciplines. Perfect for those who have little or no knowledge of psychic development or who are a little bit wary of opening up to hidden skills.

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DYIP - Part Two

In Part Two you will be developing your skills as a psychic, complimenting and expanding the diverse subjects covered in Part One. Each topic prepares the way for the next, ensuring a natural forward progression and building a solid grounding in all the techniques and applications.

Whilst Part Two invites those students who have already experienced Part One, it is also open to those who already have a good basic understanding of Psychic Studies, with a working knowledge of cleansing and protection etc. If you are in doubt, simply contact me for more information.

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DYIP - Part Three

Join us on the final part of your psychic journey where you will discover more subjects to unite the three workshops together. This will enable you to finish the course with a sense of accomplishment and purpose and take your favourite subjects forward at your own pace.

Ideally you would have completed the previous two workshops, however if you missed either or both of them and are interested in joining us for Part Three contact me to discuss where you are in your Psychic Development.

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Includes all three of the above!

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