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C – Ten of Emotions (Cups)

The Muse Tarot

Great news – the coming few weeks will highlight a feeling of comradeship within all areas of your life – be that work, rest or play! Time for celebrating all that is in your life, with positive vibes all around you with support from all sides as you near completion of some important aspects of the world around you. 

Now you can make proper plans because you know you have the backup to give you that extra push forward. This is also the time to get out there and join some groups of like minded people, to enable you to embrace that feeling of it ‘being time’. 

Spiritually grab every opportunity to showcase your newly acquired confidence, join groups, go to festivals, perhaps even learn drumming – anything that will open up your abilities to be who you truly are. The only way is forward now, embrace it, feel that connection with the universe and be prepared to start a new journey as your life changes direction… and don’t forget let your hair down and have fun while doing it.