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B – Five of Emotions (Cups)

The Muse Tarot

The great thing about fives, are their ability to highlight your strengths and your weaknesses. In this case highlighting the emotional rollercoaster you’ve been on for a while. There’s been a feeling of winter in your heart while you’ve been contemplating your future and attempting to make sense of decisions that need to be made, whilst still holding on to the past. 

Well, look closely – the ice is slowly melting, a perfect sign of the clarity and joys to come. Whilst letting go may feel painful, in truth it shows how much you care, and is a stepping stone for the blessings wending their way towards you. 

The figure has a full moon on her robe which indicates your emotional ebb and flow are very much in tune with the luna cycle. Use this to your advantage. Build your dreams while the moon is waxing, then rest when it’s on the wane as you learn to release all your tensions and know that as the Earth is warming and opening up to summer – so is your heart.