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Snippets Ahead for 2022

1. The Lovers – Some fabulous opportunities await you regarding joint ventures of some kind, either business-wise or within (very) close relationships. A time of joy and surprising outcomes!

2. Death – Out with the old you and in with the new. You will finally find your self-confidence resulting in release of past hurts and blockages. Remember, the past was just a lesson, you’re now fully qualified to move onwards and upwards!

3. Seven of Coins – 2022 will be the year where you can finally sort out your finances which will enable you to plan ahead for the long term. It’ll be hard work, but your diligence will (literally) pay off in the end.

4. Seven of Wands – A year of maintaining your higher position in all areas of your life. No matter what life throws at you, you will retain your stance and reap the rewards. A good time for promotion at work so keep ahead of your game.

5. King of Wands – There will be a surprising turn of events where you will find you have more support in high places than you initially thought. This will give you the strength to create an new direction in your life, that will bring you great satisfaction.

6. Five of Coins – Your perceived money issues can be resolved, as long as you take responsibility to look at the bigger picture. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel so calculate what your real desires are, and make headway to reach your goal.

7. Six of Swords – Smooth waters ahead for you after turbulent times of the last year or so. There’s a few niggling issues you still need to navigate, but you now have the right support behind you to help you reach dry land. A new chapter awaits you!